If you don’t already know Chris Pratt from Park & Rec or his turn in Zero Dark Thirty, you’re going to eventually know him from leading Guardians Of The Galaxy. Between here and there though, he’ll be taking on the lead voice in The Lego Movie, which totally looks like a real movie. They went lego movie logowith a stop motion (or what must be a photo-realistic CGI) approach to an animated Lego movie, which I’m not even sure occurred to me as option. I figured a more traditional CG animation or a live-action hybrid- but I like this much better.

The filmmakers, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, should bring some goodwill as they’ve done both kids comedy and raunchy comedy well with Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs and 21 Jump Street under their belt. They’re joined by Robot Chicken alum Chris McKay, who brought his eye for stop-motion to the table.

Also, a huge cast of voices includes Morgan Freeman, Allison Brie, Nick Offerman, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson and a ton of cameos like Will Arnette as Batman.

Weirdly, there’s also a character named “Finn” credited on IMDB, but not as in Jeremy Fada, Adventure Time Finn. Which is a bummer.

Either way- this looks like a good time, somewhat in the Wreck-It Ralph mold. That said, with “Lord Business” being the bad guy, there’s definitely some The Muppets in there too.

Oh, and by the way, any real Lego-raised kid knows the REAL cameo that shows these directors get the “material”…

lego movie shark

And there’s no way one of these two don’t feature in some sequence or another, where Emmet has to use the brick separator in a clutch moment or something…


I’d love to see the Lego “vacuum” just cruising around in the background somewhere, but it could also feature in some sequence with the hero getting sucked up and meeting some other unlucky mini-fig in a Jonah And The Whale type cameo of some sort.

I’m more invested in this than a Batman cameo in Man Of Steel II or whatever, so I guess I’m a Lego fanboy now.