PrometheusIt was just last week (waiting for the Game Of Thrones season finale to air, in fact) that I gave Prometheus another watch, beginning right around the point that David infects Dr. Douchebag. I was reminded that last year gave us two movies that I’m much more excited about the sequels than I am the original films (The Hobbit shares that distinction). I like Fassbender and Rapace’s dynamic, and a new world on which to show us new stuff can always bring out the best in Scott.

All of that to say news that screenwriter Jack Paglen has officially landed the gig of writing Prometheus II with Scott’s blessing is welcome news- the texture and general atmosphere of Prometheus was something I enjoyed very much, so news that an impassioned, completely new writer will be takingĀ Lindelof’s left behind toys and hopping in the sandbox is, at the very least, interesting news. And since Fox enjoyed their $400m very much, it was always going to happen if Ridley wanted it.

I’m sure Scott will direct the ever-living-shit out of whatever Paglen writes, so I’m going to cross my fingers this fresh writer is being hired for his big ideas and sharp, new approach. It’s a dubious perspective, but I’ve got to cling to something in this life.


Source | The Wrap