Very. In honor of the event, I bought two pairs of Purple boxer briefs. One is light purple, the other Grimace purple. As sad as I am, this underwear shines a light, and offers me happiness. I mean, if you see the picture of me here, the one of me with the book of the dead, every time I look at that photo I giggle a little inside. I feel the same way about this underwear. For some reason.

Movie-wise, as 2008 ramps up, I’m getting some bad juju from some of the big films. I’m hoping the Indy trailer is awesome so I get re-energized, but with G.I. Joe starting production today, I get the feeling we’re in for two years of shit.. We might have been bound to this with 2007 being as rock-awesome as it was, but at this moment, I feel comfortable calling it on Star Trek not being very good. Just a feeling. Hopefully Iron Man, Hellboy 2, and various surprises will make this a not-insufferable year.

I watched two masterpieces of 70’s cinema this weekend: Animal House, and California Split. The former essays how American comedies are rooted in a deep and abiding love of non-conformity (though comedy in general does this as well) and chaos. The second may be Robert Altman’s finest two hours, and only Croupier challenges it as being the greatest film about poker (The Cincinatti Kid is good, kid, it’s good, but with these two around, it’ll never be the best). Altman has the nut flush, though.