Just wondering.

It’s been almost 5 weeks since I sent my Xbox 360 in for repairs. The friendly Indian woman on the phone said that since it took 2 weeks to get to the repair center, it was only technically 3 weeks that they’ve had it…. and a 3-4 week turnaround time is normal (that clock starts when they receive it). That I should be getting it by Friday, but there was no tracking number for it just yet. To call if I don’t get it by then, and then again on Monday if I don’t get it that day either.

It’s just a little bit ridiculous. Everyone knows how many of these are being sent back to you guys, and it’s cool that you extended the warranty to 3 years for us Red Ring of Death sufferers, but is everyone dealing with a wait like this? I like how we only get a free month of Xbox Live for our troubles- which, ironically, is what we lost while we didn’t have our Xboxes with us.

We’ve got a massive thread on the messageboards with people talking about their troubles with the system, as I’m sure pretty much every board on the internet has. People who love their system and just want to play it, not have to deal with technical problems. Just see how many people have bought store replacement plans just to not have to deal with this nonsense.

This may seem like just an annoyance to most of you reading this, but you know what? I need my Xbox for my job. I’ve got games for review on the way that I need to get done soon, and the fact that I haven’t been able to check out any of the recent Marketplace games or demos means less coverage. I shouldn’t have to be asking friends for favors, borrowing consoles or crashing at their house just to get it done.

I love my 360, I really do… but Microsoft, you’ve really got to get this shit together.