I don’t know why Paramount Vantage launched The Foot Fist Way‘s official site sans trailer, but they’ve atoned for their sin with – what else? – a red-band spot that should give the uninitiated a much better idea of Danny McBride’s profane genius.  And yet I still think you need to experience the movie front-to-back to really understand how people like Will Ferrell and Adam McKay could watch this film twenty times.  I mean, I’ve seen it four times myself, and I’m itchin’ for a fifth viewing, but I don’t know if there’s any way to sell this via three minutes of extremely random gags.  Frankly, it’s a movie that works better if it sneaks up on you; Vantage, inexplicably, decided against the footage-free, “Go see it because Ferrell and McKay tell you to” approach.

And before I get a string of angry emails from non-U.S. citizens… I’m sorry that the studios haven’t discovered a more effective age-verification system.  Just hang loose, and keep watching the YouTubes; it’ll show up there in no time.

The Foot Fist Way will finally arrive in theaters this April 11th.  Beware citizens of Portage, Ohio: it’s a limited release.