Consider yourself lucky that I didn’t go with some lame French headline for the new Riddick international trailer (complete with froggie subs) and the new Comic Con poster, that star Vin Diesel posted on Faceook.  Because I could have.  Oh yes…I could have…

OK, cutting the BS, I’ve been waiting for this since Chronicles of Riddick.  I friggin’ love that move.  Convolution and all.  Anybody that’s got a problem with that can suck the Underverse. Although I do have one major issue with this upcoming film that’s got a glut of mercs:

What, no Chinlund?!

Anyway, digging on the poster, though it looks more like the cover to a comic book adaptation.   The trailer also brings a few extra goodies.  Riddick starts ghostin’ fools Sept. 6.