The garishly colored (hey, who are we to talk?) Just Jared has the first images we’ve seen of Liev Schreiber in costume as Sabretooth on the set of Wolverine. They amount to Schreiber rocking ‘the Admiral’ on his jowls while dressed in bullet-riddled Army green and in some shots sporting (Jim) Lee Press-On Nails. But he does tear into that apple like an animal!

Also pictured: Hugh Jackman raiding the craft service table and staring knowingly at the camera.

Not pictured: Your all-new singing and dancing Baby Logan.

Given Sabretooth’s look and the nondescript (and for Jackman ill-fitting) wardrobe on display here, these shots are going to generate a lot of loud interweb complaints. I don’t know what scene was shot on this day, but be patient. These are just set pictures, and not even stuff taken while cameras were close to rolling. I’m waiting to see official shots or footage from Hood’s production before drawing the standard set of conclusions.