Last September we first told you about Dead Space, EA’s new 3rd person horror shooter that’s set for release late November. The website that was up back then is vastly different than the one that recently launched. Check it out here- there’s a ton of material for you to go over, including developer blogs, trailers, and concept art. I do sorta miss searching around the screen for things to click, though….

One of the coolest features is some frames from the first issue of the Dead Space comic, drawn by 30 Days of Night‘s Ben Templesmith- (aka the only reason to read that comic). This time he’s writing from a script by Antony Johnston (Wasteland, The Long Haul) and things are looking good. The site’s even got an animated version of the issue that you can check out.
Along with all of that, G4TV has a developer diary that shows off a lot of what they’re trying to do with the game. The anti-gravity idea… man, there’s so much they can do with that.

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Horror fans- it looks like we’ve got something good here. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.