Perhaps my favorite Flash games of the decade are Samorost 1 and 2. (Play ‘em here.)  As if Sierra’s old adventure games were made by plants, each game is a gorgeous and bizarre point and click story that takes patience and a little ingenuity, but rewards with a very unique experience.

(It doesn’t hurt that the music in each is great: a loop from ‘Diabolus’ by the Cinematic Orchestra as intro theme for the first game and original tunes in both by TomáÅ¡ Dvorák, aka Floex.)

The creator(s) Amanita Design are planning another game, which I’ve only seen reported on Kotaku today. (Evidently the news has been around for a while.) The next title is a full-fledged PC adventure called Machinarium. Fully hand-drawn style, no speech, more music by Floex and your character, a robot, in opposition to the Black Cap Brotherhood.

Release is planned for later (probably much later) this year, but since it’s been almost three years since Samorost 2, I can wait a couple more months. If the few screenshots, seen above and below, don’t make you salivate, you might be missing the proper glands. (Those are screens, not concept art.)