Todd over at Twich has something I didn’t expect to see today: a little update on Pusher Trilogy director Nicolas Winding Refn that indicates his Viking pic is a little farther off than we’d (I’d) hoped. Though Valhalla Rising is still on track to go later this year – post-SAG? – Refn’s next film will actually be one called Bronson. Yeah, based on the life of Charles Bronson.

Not that one.

Though I’d love nothing more than to see Refn (or anyone) do a biopic, ideally in highly fictionalized form, of cinema’s favorite tunnel-digger, Refn’s film will actually be about a British criminal of the same name.

The currently imprisoned Bronson was born (a) Michael Gordon Peterson and (b) Welsh, and claims to be the ‘most violent prisoner in Britain. He also does 2500 push-ups a day. Here’s some Wikipedia for your convenience:

Initially jailed in 1974 for robbery, Bronson’s sentence has been repeatedly extended and he has spent only three months out of custody. He has served 28 years of his time in prison in solitary confinement due to a number of hostage situations, rooftop protests, repeated attacks on prison staff and on other inmates. His dangerous behaviour has meant that he has spent time in over 120 different prisons. In 2000, he received a discretionary life sentence (with a three year tariff) for a hostage-taking incident. His appeal against this sentence was denied in 2004.

In 1999 a special prison unit was set up for Bronson and two other violent prisoners from Woodhill (HM Prison), to reduce the risk they posed to staff and other prisoners.

I was excited for Valhalla Rising because it signified a change of pace for Refn, but I can dig this, especially if they find an actor really able to embody Bronson. And since casting is one of Refn’s notable strengths, I have few doubts there. More info on the film as we get it.