A pretty good week for gamers, with every system getting at least game worth checking out. We’ve also got Bullies, an Army of Two, and  PSP’s biggest game ever. Plus, digital baseball fans- your games are here.

Monday, March 3rd
Tom Clancy’s Chronicles (PC)
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This is just a box set that includes Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. Sure, it’s only 20 bucks, but these are some of the older games- why aren’t the new installments included? Pretty much anyone who’s interested in these games must own at least one of them by now. Still great games though.

Tuesday, March 4th

Major League Baseball 2K8 (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2, PSP)
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It’s a baseball game with an updated roster. What else do you need to know? Alright, alright, they got a few new things such as completely new controls where you use the analog stick in new ways, a Minor League, and a new batting interface. Also, the minigame most of you must have been clamoring for… a collectible card game. Actually… that makes a lot of sense in a baseball game, and it’s apparently pretty addicting.

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)
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If the demo is any indication (and from early reviews, it is) this is the perfect sequel to the console games. It definitely looks it- it packs everything from its big brothers into one little UMD, with fantastic graphics and the same epic scale as before. This is going to be the PSP’s biggest selling title to date, just you watch. Still not happy about that $40 price tag, though. Full review coming soon! Also, for those of you without PSPs to play this game on, there’s that Kratos-imprinted red PSP bundle coming… but that doesn’t hit till June. I doubt you can wait.
Army of Two (Xbox 360, PS3)
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My short play-time with Army of Two showed that they’ve fixed a lot of the issues people had with the game, and while the jury’s still out on whether the single player will be good or fantastic, it’s definitely a bunch of fun to play. Of that there’s no doubt. It’s all about the co-op here, and since we know how well these new consoles do it (and there’s only so many damn times you can go through Gears of War) this could be a ton of fun with a bud.

MLB 08: The Show (PS3, PS2, PSP)
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Sony’s baseball game comes back with a new roster! Oh yeah, and some other minor changes. The modes have more options, there’s a new replay and stat tracking system. And the most exciting point on the box- “MLB 08 THE SHOW details the different pitch grips and arm angles that a pitcher has when throwing each pitch. Showing these details in Replay Mode will further enhance the look of the game. 18 different pitch types total! ” The exclamation mark is theirs, obviously.

Bully: Scholarship Edition (Xbox 360, Wii)
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This game was a hit, but still felt criminally underlooked, considering how good it was. That’s what happens when your game hits on an older console, sadly. But now Wii and 360 owners can experience just how much fun it was to mess around in the school and neighboring town of Bullworth Academy. It’d take some serious bugs for them to mess this one up- if it were just the PS2 one and not the improved one it is now (details here) it’d still be a must-buy.
Silent Hill: Origins (PS2)
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The PSP game hits the PS2. The game got some mixed praise, some calling it as a solid installment in the franchise, others thinking the series has seen better days. This one’s going to have revamped controls (a second analog stick! Wee!) and graphics, along with a few extras. Still, if you’re a horror loving fan with a PSP, what else are you going to get? (Besides Infected, of course, which really shouldn’t be as much fun as it is.)

Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer (DS)
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A Sega RPG from the creators of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series where you control the titular Wanderer. This is revamp of an old school SNES game, which means to expect hours and hours of turn-based battles- judge your purchase by how much you just winced at that statement. It’ll of course have better graphics, sound, and even more locations than the original game, along with some limited online capabilities. This could be a sleeper for JRPG fans.

Ninja Reflex (Wii, DS)
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I wasn’t terribly impressed by this game when I tried it out for the Wii at a recent EA event (here) but I’m sure people will get some fun playing 4-player with some friends. Still, when Warioware‘s out, is there any need for another minigame collection? Especially one with only 6 games? It’ll actually probably find a better home on the DS as an anti-Brain Age of sorts.

This Week’s Downloadable Games

Monday’s Wii Virtual Console title-

Only one game today! Why are you holding back, Nintendo? Still, it’s a good one.

Super Turrican (SNES, 800 Wii Points, $8)

The game was a pretty great shooter for the SNES that also spawned a sequel. While it was more of a straitforward platformer/shooter, there was a gimmick in that you could use a grappling hook arm like in Bionic Commando to get around and grab items. It’s a damn good looking game with some nice music, definitely one for the shooter fans to look out for.

Wednesday’s Xbox Live Arcade title-

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (Original – 800 Points – $10)

Yet another popular board game (like Carcassone) that’s receiving a digital version. Rocketmen is indeed based on the WizKids strategy game, but has been turned into much more of a balls to the wall shooter. Looks a bit like Smash TV, in fact, if you could create your own character, upgrade your weapons after every level and play online. Let’s see how it plays…