Give Neve Campbell some credit:  she could’ve played it safe after the Scream series and faded from view starring in a series of slasher retreads.  Instead, she sought the company of indie stalwarts like Robert Altman, Alan Rudolph and James Toback, and faded from view with class.

Had the Rudolph (Investigating Sex) or the Toback (When Will I Be Loved) been any good, maybe she would’ve hung around; unfortunately, only Altman’s The Company proved watchable – and, being a film about ballet, barely anyone saw it.  Campbell’s IMDb filmography boasts a string of steady work into 2008, but I haven’t seen her in anything since the Showtime presentation of Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical.  And while I’m happy that she’s been cast as a Venetian courtesan opposite The Other Fiennes in Boris Damast’s Vivaldi biopic, I don’t think this is the film that gets her back on the A-list.  In fact, I probably wouldn’t have bothered posting this story had there been more in the way of news floating around this story. 

Vivaldi will evidently cover the early life of the Venetian composer/priest as he teaches music to the illegitimate daughters of the region’s courtesans.  The very impressive supporting cast includes Carice van Houten, Gerard Depardieu, Malcolm McDowell, Lena Headey, Jacqueline Bisset and… Elle Fanning?