MarketSaw, the blog dedicated (very enthusiastically so) to 3D filmmaking, has been as on top of Jim Cameron’s Avatar as it’s possible to be without consulting the Kama Sutra. Today the site is running a handful of information passed along from a source within Cameron’s production, and while the final truth of all the details is yet to be verified, some of it is pretty intriguing.

The post’s white-out spoilers fall into three groups: set construction, implications thereof, and details that lead to supposition about the fleshed-out plot, with regards to how humans interact with the biosphere of the planet Pandora.

The latter stuff has MarketSaw all excited, but for me, it’s the detail about the set construction that has finally ramped up my interest in this project. Yeah, it’s just sets, I know. Still, green screen shooting is obviously a big part of the film, and if these reports are accurate then Cameron hasn’t gone green for every facet of the production, and has built some classic Aliens-style sets to get the vibe across to normal humans. Since that’s not a given these days, consider me intrigued.

Then there’s the other stuff, which gets into how the more evolved inhabitants of Pandora communicate with plants on the planet, and how that might lead to developments between humans and the Na’vi during the film.

Check out the full post on MarketSaw, and someone send us some images of those amazing sets (not likely, I know) before Cameron’s official press images start to come out later this month.

Avatar has been pushed back until December 2009, in part to accomodate extra post-production. Cameron has told AICN, for example, that Stephen Lang’s last scene “is so technically difficult it will take us until [April or May] to figure out how to do it, ” which is reason enough to be patient with the push.