His turn in Zodiac aside, it’s been a lean few years for Dermot Mulroney. He flies far enough under most radar that I didn’t even realize he’d voiced Green Lantern in that new (ish) animated Batman series.

So jumping on the ‘organ donor’ bandwagon (see: Repossession Mambo and Repo! The Genetic Opera) is probably a good move. The Hollywood Reporter pegs the actor as starring in Run For Her Life, a socially conscious entry in the burgeoning subgenre.

The trade says “Mulroney will play a district attorney whose daughter contracts a rare illness and needs new lungs. After discovering she’s low on the official U.S. waiting list, he heads to Mexico to buy his way onto their list. But his ethical nature is put to the test when he has to choose between saving hundreds of children being killed for their organs or saving his daughter’s life.

Bizarro-world CHUD fave Baltasar Kormakur will direct (OK, his 101 Reykjavik was pretty good) from a Christian Escario script. We don’t really know shit about Escario, but he did lens The Elephant’s Egg, a short about Joe, who’s “got a dilemma… and a talking Dog, a Hippo in his Zippo, a Man Eating Praying Mantis and he wants his girl back.”

Carry that man-eating mantis forward into Run For Her Life and they’ll sell more tickets. I promise.