Thanks to There Will Be Blood, Paul Dano has new cred amongst the serious art-house crowd — those that had already forgotten his L.I.E. baby face, that is.

But that audience does jack when it comes time to turn a profit, so with the comedy Gigantic, which he’s exec producing, it’s time to branch out a little bit. If you’d wondered whether or not this new film might target the same highfalutin’ neural receptors as those of Blood, here’s a hint: Ed Asner has been cast as Dano’s pot-smoking, gangsta-rap loving dad.

Demographic: sealed.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Jane Alexander is also on board as his “long-suffering” mom, and that John Goodman plays the “brilliant, domineering” father to love interest Zooey Deschanel. You’ll remember that Dano plays a mattress salesman who wants to adopt a Chinese baby, but falls for Deschanel instead. I think I might rather see the one-man version with 90 minutes of Ed Asner stoned in his living room.