Seems like every other movie that hits its marketing stride rolls out another flash minigame.  Truth is, this is a great way to foster branding and give your target audience a feel for what you’re offering in a non-traditional manner.  In other words, I dig ‘em!

The newest property to get the Flash treatment is Doomsday, a sort of 28 Days Later/Mad Max amalgamation.  In the game you play as one of the soldiers sent into the previously quarantined “Hot Zone” to find a cure for the outbreak of a virus with some pretty nasty side effects.  It’s a very standard FPS that, while sufficiently creepy, is s bit anticlimactic.  I piled up the zombies for about ten straight minutes and never made any sort of progress.  Perhaps a didn’t play long enough but, to be honest, I doubt I’ll log much more time on it.  It’s definitely worth a look though, just don’t expect something that’ll keep you coming back lunch hour after lunch hour.

Click here to play the game and put some bullets in those flesh-eatin’ sonsabitches.