Photo: BEImages

If you’re a movie nerd – and I know you are. You’re reading, for Christ’s sake – you’re going to love this news. Guillermo del Toro has announced that legendary poster artist Drew Struzan will be doing the art for Hellboy: The Golden Army, opening July 11th. We got a note from the big guy himself where he expressed his excitement about working with Drew again: “For me, Drew Struzan’s work summarizes the power of cinematic storytelling. I eagerly await his first sketches for this HELLBOY: THE GOLDEN ARMY poster, and I am incredibly honored by the fact that Drew has agreed to collaborate with me again. Struzan’s fans all over the world, rejoice and be prepared for another beautiful piece to come from the master’s hands!!”

The two met last week to discuss ideas for the poster (and probably lots of other super nerdy stuff as well). In case you forgot what happened the last time these two worked together, here’s Drew’s great art for Hellboy: