I must say I’m quite surprised The Breakfast Club has not yet been remade. I’m further surprised that the Hollywood Reporter would say that a “modern-day version of The Breakfast Club” is being produced and then provide a plot synopsis that has little in common with The Breakfast Club. And then say at the end of the article that this new film, Bumped, has no formal association with The Breakfast Club. So let me make this clear: Bumped is NOT a remake of the Breakfast Club. It might, however, be copyright infringement.

Bumped, which will be an independent film, is about five “twentysomethings” (I hate that word) who are bumped from a flight in Chicago and end up stuck in the airport together. HR makes a point to note that these people “normally wouldn’t be friends.” I guess that’s the connection the The Breakfast Club. Well, that and how it’s a comedy-drama. This is some shameful coattail riding. 

The script was written by Lizzy Weiss (Blue Crush) and will be directed by Anna Mastro, whom HR describes as McG’s “protégé.” I bet I know how she got that title (cue rimshot). I’m just kidding, Anna. I’m just having some fun at your expense. I’m sure you’re a perfectly capable individual.

I guess they’ll go into pre-production on Bumped soon, but that’s as far as they plan on going before the SAG situation is resolved. I’m hoping for a copyright battle in the mean time.