Sam Raimi set off the great ‘Video Nasty’ debate in the UK with Evil Dead. For years British audiences were on the short end of the horror stick thanks to this nonsense. Now it looks like the ‘Video Nasty’ is back, as the British Board of Film Classification has flat out banned the DVD release of slasher movie Murder Set Pieces.

Does this mean director Nick Palumbo is the new Sam Raimi? Probably not, but he and the director of Amateur Porn Star Killer* are certainly neck and neck for spamming the shit out of the CHUD boards about their movies, something Sam has not yet done.

Here’s some of the meat of the Variety article about this:

“Rejecting a work outright is a serious matter and the board
considered whether the issue could be dealt with through cuts,”
commented Cooke. “However, given the unacceptable content featured
throughout, and that what remains is essentially preparatory and set-up
material for the unacceptable scenes, cutting the work is not a viable
option in this case and the work is therefore refused a classification.”

press release summarizing the ruling outlined the chief concerns: “
‘Murder Set Pieces’ is a feature with a single-minded focus on the
activities of a psychopathic sexual serial killer, who, throughout the
film, is seen raping, torturing and murdering his victims. Young
children are among those terrorized and killed, and their inclusion in
this abusive context is an added concern. In relation to the adult
victims, there is a clear focus on sex or sexual behavior accompanied
by non-consensual pain, injury and humiliation.”

The trade also notes that Ebay UK has five copies of the film for sale now; it’s obvious that in the 21st century world of global commerce and this series of tubes known as the internet banning shit is essentially pointless. All you’re doing is telling the kids what’s good to download. There are 20+ seeders of the film right now on The Pirate Bay, and I’m sure getting this movie will be very simple for the British kids with computers. 

In the meantime, my interest in this film is suddenly piqued. TLA Releasing, Nick Palumbo – email me. I want to see this film and see what the fuss is all about. It could make for a good entry in my upcoming CHUDsploitation column.

*is he an amateur porn star who is a killer? Is he killing amateur porn stars? This title kills language. Amateurishly.