IMAG0325After E3 officially shut down for the evening, you kinda have your pick as to how you want to spend your night. There were parties galore, though how in the blue hell people still have the energy after all the running around is mind-blowing. I went the subtle route: The Academy for Interactive Arts and Sciences, for the past ten years, has hosted an exhibit at E3 called Into The Pixel, showing off the best in artwork either directly related to, or inspired by gaming. The area of the concourse hall the exhibit was housed in is in a little alcove, off near the mobile gaming pavilion (which, ironically, considering how much the industry quakes in fear of a mobile game planet, was sparsely populated all day). It was quiet. It was laid back. It had a free bar.

It also had some of the best gaming related artwork you’ve ever liable to see, and having it hanging up in its own classy exhibit is probably one of the coolest sights at the show, and just as a capper to yesterday’s coverage, I figure I’d share the best of the best here:





Title: Cloudbank
Game: Transistor
Artist: Jenn Zee
Publisher/Developer: Supersize Games (Bastion)


Title: Castle Siege
Game: Rayman Legends
Artists: Michel Ancel, Jean Christophe Alessandri, Lu Yang, Christophe Messier, Jean Brice Dugait, Simon Quemener, Sebastien du Jeu, Christophe Villez, Anthony Le Du, Jean-Baptiste Rollin, Benjamin Mouret, David Garcia
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Publisher: Ubisoft


Title: Back From The Wild
Game: Destiny
Artist: Jaime Jones
Development: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft


Title/Game: Broken Age (formerly Double Fine Adventure)
Developer/Publisher: Double Fine


Title: Dark Ages
Artist: Brian Thompson
Developer/Studio: Big Fish


Title: Three Blind Mice
Game: Wonderbook: Digg’s Nightcrawler
Artists: Tyler Schatz, Christina Faulkner
Developer: SCEE London Studio
Studio: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe


Title: The Naval Duel
Game: Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
Artist:Martin Deschambault
Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft


Title: Remembering
Game: The Last of Us
Artist: John Sweeney
Developer: Naughty Dog Incorporated
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America

You can download gigantic, super sexy, high def versions of these, and a bunch more at the official site.

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