michael cera creepyGood on Michael Cera for having the guys to parlay his borderline pathological awkwardness into a film about him being hideously creepy. Magic, Magic is the kind of film that will make you never look at someone quite the same way again.

I recall Cera talking about this film on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast ages and ages ago, so I’m glad to finally see it surface, even if it’s a direct-to-video and streaming release. Sebastian Silva’s films (The Maid, Old Cats) often play with psychological issues, so this story of a girl isolated with a group of sadistic manipulators is right in his wheelhouse. Juno Temple –known for playing some bent characters herself– plays Alicia, the victim of all this intense creepiness. The film played Sundance to mostly positive, if unenthusiastic reviews. If psychological thrillers are your thing though, word is that this one is effective.

Check it out and make sure to snag it on August 6th.

via Indiewire