need for speed aaron paulThe Need For Speed crew busted out the first look at the film yesterday at E3, and now it’s online in high-def. No intro from the wonderful Aaron Paul, but you get a look at his seething-self in a few glimpses of the film.

This is all about showcasing the expensive cars, high speeds, and brutal car crashes that are being filmed with heart-warming¬†practicality (some here in Atlanta). I’m already loving the look of this, though I’m hoping it remains as coherent and decidedly paced as it appears here. Frankly, as much as I enjoyed Fast 6 I really felt like Lin phoned in some of the basic car racing action. There’s definitely room for a movie to deliver the kind of incredible automotive action that taps right into one’s adrenal gland. There’s something sublime about a car chase done just right, and it’s a very rare, very tough trick.

Death Proof is probably the last time I truly felt that sensation (Fast 5 got close)- maybe I’ll get a fix from this one.