Paul Dano was last seen giving an Oscar-worthy performance in what will eventually be considered a classic film. There is a quite a bit of goodwill pointed in his direction, so he has to make smart decisions about what films with which he involves himself. For now, he’s staying indie. 

Last month, Dano signed onto Dragur Kari’s The Good Heart, an indie drama in which he will star alongside Brian Cox. But it seems it will be a while before that one gets going, so in the mean time he has attached himself to Matt Aselton’s directorial and writing-for-the-big-screen debut, Gigantic. The film is a romantic comedy that will co-star Zooey Deschanel. I’m guessing the role will allow him to make out with Deschanel, so I’d say it’s a good call. Dano will also to exec produce. Shooting begins next month.

The Hollywood Reporter says the film “revolves around a mattress salesman and a young woman he meets in his store.” It does not, however, say who is playing which role. My imagination is now running wild.

Although Matt Aselton doesn’t have a name you probably recognize, if you watch TV you’ve seen his work. He’s been responsible for a plethora of commercials over the last few years, including the TLC Life Lessons and Starburst’s Ernie the Klepto. He also did half of Volkswagen’s Cannes Gold Lions-winning campaign in which people ride in the car chatting idly before their car is involved in a brutal accident. Check out his reel here.

I must say Aselton’s spots are pretty funny, and they’re offbeat enough that I can see him doing something interesting with the romantic comedy formula. Let’s just hope offbeat in this case is more The Baxter and less My Suicidal Sweetheart.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that Aselton currently works at Epoch Films, out of which came Junebug-helmer Phil Morrison.