man of steel shieldLet’s top of a Man Of Steel Monday hat-trick, shall we? We already covered why there’s no post-credits scene and the full soundtrack being online, and now the biggest news of all hits:

In a development that will surprise no one, Deadline is reporting that Man Of Steel 2 has been official fast-tracked with David S. Goyer writing and Zach Snyder directing again. This would put the sequel in front of cameras as early as January on a script that Goyer has likely already been working on for some time.

WB has not officially¬†confirmed¬†the news, but this is extremely believable news. Interestingly it comes with word that David S. Goyer is also officially signed to specifically write this sequel and then a Justice League film, which is news to me. Perhaps it’s been reported that Goyer was picking up the apparently shitty pieces left behind by Will Beall, but I haven’t noticed.

Reviews hit the web in a few hours with many hundreds of millions hitting the WB coffers within a few weeks without a doubt.

The slightly sadder news is that Christopher Nolan will be a much more in-name-only producer this time around, what with him being off in space and all.