“It’s an exit, not an entrance! It’s an exit, not an entraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaance!”

Empire has some pictures from upcoming Marvel movies, and I have a little bit of buzz. As you can see, one of the images the site is running is this one of Ed Norton visiting his proctologist from The Incredible Hulk. They also have a new snap of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, but to me that’s as exciting as seeing Daniel Craig in a tux. There’s also a new Iron Man shot on their cover.

Meanwhile, I’ve spoken to a number of people who have seen an unfinished (ie, the FX are not done) version of Iron Man, and the consensus seems to be: fucking awesome. I’ve heard this from more than one person, and they’re all pointing out the same elements that are great, specifically the action and Robert Downey Jr. These folks all saw very early versions, by the way – the action scenes kept cutting to people in mocap suits, apparently – but that didn’t temper their enthusiasm. I was excited about this film before, but this positive buzz has got me amped up.