George Miller’s Justice League of America movie is like one of those preemies surviving on a ventilator – barely clinging to life and thankfully not your kid. There’s a ton of turmoil happening behind the scenes on this one, and the latest bit of news is that Warner Bros wants to take the film out of Australia and shoot it in Canada. Miller, as you may know, is an Australian, so it’s certainly a matter of pride for him to bring a big budget motion picture home. Warner Bros, on the other hand, might rather have this one shooting closer to home, where they can keep a watchful eye on things. You remember what happened the last time they shot a superhero film in Australia, right? Hint: Superman Returns.

Meanwhile, Aint It Cool News is reporting that Miller has hired his Martian Manhunter and it’ll be… the guy who played Toecutter in Mad Max. Huh. It seems like star power is not really a consideration for this film, is it? There’s no word on how Martian Manhunter will be handled; ie, will he be mocapped or will Toecutter be all done up in green bodypaint and little else but a red harness?

This is all on the heels of reports that Batman and Superman are being written out of the film, which means the whole damn thing would have to be rewritten (Talia Al’Ghul was a major villain, among other major roles these two play in the current script).I hope this movie never stops floundering about. This is going to make a good book someday.