28b0c8f424f5f4aacba13967337776ecI think even the general public has long since picked up on a need to be wary of any comic book film that catches “density syndrome.” Once that twelfth or thirteenth bit of news about someone joining the cast as another mutant or villain or obscure canon character, it’s reasonable to wonder if a franchise is going to run off the rails.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is deep in that territory, as three pretty much confirmed villains and a few other side characters suggest Marc Webb is going whole-hog with mining the classic Spider-Man stories. The dangerous love-triangle is already making things look shaky for some characters, and now word is out that the villain spectrum has gotten deeper.

The long-cast Colm Feore (24, Thor) has apparently been confirmed as playing Adrian Toomes, AKA The Vulture. The news comes from Comic Book Movie, who claim to be “100%” sure that Feore is playing the bird-like villain, and that he will actively team-up with the other villains in this film. With The Rhino, Green Goblin, Electro and The Vulture in play, that means a full 2/3’s of the 1715446-amazing_spider_man__1963_1998_1st_series__337d (1)Sinister Six are active characters going into the third film. Considering the producers of this franchise have pretty much promised a trilogy that leads to the Sinister Six, you can take this news with a relatively small grain of salt. It’s all pretty inevitable.

Honestly, I was so put off by the dour, aggressively stupid nonsense in the first film that all of the bright, fun, and ridiculous things we’re glimpsing in spy shots have me more interested than I’d otherwise be. I’m sure Webb will get his gritty kicks off the inevitable death of a major character or two, but maybe there will be some life in this one. Hell, imagine an ensemble film as well-developed as The Avengers, except with the awesome character dynamics springing from the villainous end of things? Not gonna happen, but that would be a fun way to cap this dubious trilogy.

Besides, if Webb and Sony are going to burn their Marvel flagship property to the ground, they may as well go all the way doing it.