Man, maybe I should actually register Just today another story about somebody having lunch with somebody has popped up on the world wide webs – this time it’s George Takei and JJ Abrams.

Sulu was on the Stern show apparently, and ace Aint It Cool News reporter Hercules the Strong was listening and able to take notes. According to Herc, Takei offered only a ‘no comment’ when asked if he was going to be in the new Star Trek movie. Of course we learned way back in November that there’s no Sulu in the Star Trek XI script and that Takei was not doing a cameo. But there’s one reason that I am not giving Herc a huge amount of shit about this story – the film has been moved back from Christmas 08 to summer 09 so that Abrams could do rewrites on the script. When the strike hit he was very vocal about being annoyed that he couldn’t change lines or scenes on the fly, and I heard reports that he was actually dragging his feet, slowing shooting down to hopefully outlast the strike and give him a chance to make some changes. Those changes could include adding parts for the surviving old crew, including crybaby William Shatner, who has been very public about wanting to be in the film.