The Hobbit Desolation Of Smaug

For a second I thought Smaug The Benedict Cumberbatch-Voiced Dragon (I think that’s his official credit) was adorably peeking through his little Dwarf House-style door at the approaching Hobbit, but nah, just some rocks.

In any event, above is our first poster for the second The Hobbit film! This year after year thing is already a little weird as I think back to the longer stretches between the original trilogy’s films, but these are new days and waiting just isn’t our thing anymore I guess.

I’m really really not a fan of the first chunk of Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth, though I have –perhaps illogically– expressed some hope that things will get better. It’s a long shot, considering my problems mostly lie in Jackson’s Lucasian, assembly-line digital filmmaking style and the painful stretching of thin source material like butter over too much bread, but we’ve got two movies left so I’ve got to keep my chin up.

Enough about my blockbuster anxieties though, check out the poster and tell me where your excitement falls for The Hobbit, Round 2 in the comments!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out Man Of Steel next weekend if you’re hungry for more Hobbit– the film is confirmed to carry with it the first trailer for Desolation Of Smaug