d. Robert Zemeckis
c. Ray Winstone, Robin Wright Penn, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie

  • Deleted Scenes
  • A Hero’s Journey: The Making of Beowulf
  • Beasts of Burden: Designing the Creatures of Beowulf
  • Creating the Ultimate Beowulf
  • The Art of Beowulf
  • And More!

When Robert Zemeckis said he was leaving the world of live action behind for the new format of Performance Capture Animation, it left me disappointed. His first outing with the new technology, The Polar Express was uninspiring and just really kind of creepy. Monster House was great, so I held out hope that the technology could someday be used to a level where Zemeckis might one day give us another great flick like Back to the Future – or at least Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I was following the progress of this movie early on, as I follow the writings of Neil Gaiman and visit his site frequently for new information. When I heard that Gaiman and the magnificent Roger Avery would be working on the script for Zemeckis to work from, I started to allow myself to grow excited. Looking at Nick’s review my excitement was warranted. He mentioned that the unrated version has a little more violence but that is about it.

The Darjeeling Limited
d. Wes Anderson
c. Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Adrien Brody

  • Commentary Track
  • Four Featurettes
  • Short Film: “Hotel Chavalier”

Well, my two favorite Andersons both released new films in 2007, but Wes did not quite reach the success of Paul Thomas. The Darjeeling Limited shares the quirkiness of Wes Anderson’s prior films (Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums) and remains polarizing with audiences. You either get them or you don’t, and in some cases fans of one of his movies still won’t like his other films. Some call Rushmore the better film, but to me The Royal Tenenbaums seems to be a deeper film that requires a few viewings to really discover the excellence buried within the film. It is just a masterpiece of storytelling with so much great symbolism and meaning that just surpasses its predecessor. And I know more people who hate Life Aquatic than those who love it. Enough about the older films, what about Darjeeling? It is much like Bottle Rocket, in that it is characters just kind of moving along and the film relies a little too much on Wes Anderson’s quirky sensibilities. I really fear that he is resting on his laurels and he needs to prove he can do something different or you find yoursel just watching the same movies over and over again. They are good movies, and I thought Royal Tenenbaums was a good step forward, but this one, regardless of how interesting his films prove to be, seems to be a step back. If you haven’t heard yet, watch the short film first and then watch the movie.

The Last Emperor – Criterion Collection
d. Bernardo Bertolucci’s
c. John Lone, Joan Chen, Peter O’Toole

  • All-new, restored high-definition digital transfer, supervised and approved by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro
  • All-new, restored high-definition digital transfer of the extended television version
  • Audio commentary featuring director Bernardo Bertolucci, producer Jeremy Thomas, screenwriter Mark Peploe, and composer-actor Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • The Italian Traveler: Bernardo Bertolucci, a 53-minute film by Fernand Moszkowicz tracing the director’s geographic influences, from Parma to China
  • Video images taken by Bertolucci while on preproduction in China
  • The Chinese Adventure of Bernardo Bertolucci, a 52-minute documentary that revisits the film’s making
  • A new, 47-minute documentary featuring Storaro, editor Gabriella Cristiana, costume designer James Acheson, and art director Gianni Silvestri
  • A 66-minute BBC documentary exploring Bertolucci’s creative process and the making of The Last Emperor
  • A 30-minute interview with Bertolucci from 1989
  • A new interview with composer David Byrne
  • A new interview with Ian Buruma examining the historical period of the film
  • Theatrical trailer
  • PLUS: A booklet featuring an essay by David Thomson, interviews with production designer Ferdinando Scarfiotti and actor Ying Ruocheng, a reminiscence by Bertolucci, and an essay and production-diary extracts from Fabien S. Gerard

This 1987 film tells the story of the last Emperor of China, a young boy named Pu Yi who began life as the powerless face of the country and ended his life as a gardener, working happily among the peasants. It would go on to win nine Academy Awards, sweeping every category in which it was nominated, despite being a multilayered epic directed by an Italian and starring an international cast. Criterion: Recreating Ching dynasty China with astonishing detail and unparalleled craftsmanship by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro and production designer Ferdinando Scarfiotti, The Last Emperor is also an intimate character study of one man reconciling personal responsibility and political legacy. This is a FOUR DISC set and it loaded with extras. If you got the cash, this is a must-buy.

Bone Dry
d. Brett A. Hart
c. Lance Henriksen, Luke Goss, Tiny Lister, Dee Wallace-Stone, Carl Buffington

  • Mirages: The Making of Bone Dry
  • Commentary with Brett A. Hart and Lance Henriksen
  • Deleted scenes
  • Trailer

In his semi-exclusive interview with CHUD, Luke Goss mentioned one of the movies he was really proud of was called Bone Dry, and this Tuesday it will be available to buy. Goss stars as Eddie, a man on his way home to his family when he encounters Jimmy (Lance Henriksen), who knocks him unconscious. Eddie wakes up in the desert with a 2-way radio and is told to walk north, and only north, or he would be shot and killed. The movie then becomes a horror/thriller as Eddie is confronted by a series of ambushes and traps along the way until he finally reaches the end of the journey and finds himself face-to-face with his tormentor, realizing that the two may be more alike than Eddie ever imagined. You also get some great cameos by some familiar faces including Tiny Lister (Jackie Brown), Dee Wallace-Stone (Cujo) and Jennifer Siebel (In the Valley of Elah).


30 Days of Night

  • Commentary with Josh Hartnett, Melissa George and Producer Rob Tapert
  • 8 Behind the Scenes Featurettes:
  • ”Blood +” Episode 1
  • Blu-ray Exclusive: 30 IMAGES OF NIGHT Graphic Novel to Film Comparison Gallery

Death at a Funeral

  • Commentary by director Frank Oz
  • Commentary by writer Dean Craig, and actors Alan Tudyk and Andy Nyman
  • Gag reel (7 mins 45 secs)


  • Theatrical Trailer


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Newhart – The Complete First Season
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Rough Diamond
Life After Tomorrow
The Legend of the Black Scorpion
The Voyeur
Hotel Babylon – Season 1
The Rage (2007) (Unrated)
Tristan und Isolde
To Kill a King
Day Zero
The 2008 Rose Bowl Game
Invisible Man: The Complete Series (4pc)
2008 Fedex Orange Bowl
Who Saw Her Die?



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