The X-Files 2: Subtitle to Be Named Later is still shooting up in Vancouver, but that couldn’t keep Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson from dropping in on the San Francisco Wonder Con this weekend.  The big news:  they unveiled the teaser trailer and, shock of shocks, it went over phenomenally well with the geek faithful.  AICN’s Quint has posted a brief description of the footage, and he generally liked what he saw – though he does feel like they could’ve cut something that capitalized more on the “iconic nature of the characters”.  Other than that, it apparently plays like a spot for a great standalone episode, which, six years after the show went off the air, is all the fans really want, right?  (I’m especially happy to hear the trailer kicks off with an icy homage to the spaceship measuring scene from The Thing from Another World.)

As is the Comic Con custom, the X-Files quartet hung out and braved an interrogation from the crowd.  Obviously, with the July 25 release date still a ways off, Carter didn’t reveal much, but it does sound like the film won’t be completely divorced from the running mythology of the show – or, at least, Mulder and Scully won’t be the only familiar faces.  Per Quint, here’s Carter’s most tantalizing comment from the panel:

“We are keeping a secret and I think you’ll all appreciate we are… about who all is going to appear in the movie, besides David and Gillian, of course… So, I’ll just say to you… nobody’s really ever dead in The X-Files.”

This is good to hear because, according to Quint’s report, Carter’s ready to make more X-Files movies.  If they can recapture the quality of the show during its glory years, bring it on.