cole_hauser_01The Actor: Cole Hauser.

Career in a Nutshell: Tough Guy. Renegade. Gruff Hero. The loyal friend who’s got your back. Curly-Haired Assailant.

Must see Work: Dazed and Confused. School Ties. Good Will Hunting. Pitch Black. Tigerland. Olympus Has Fallen. 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Closest Brush With Comic Book Cinema: Pitch Black or The Cave.

Comic Bookish Traits: Physically capable. Steel glare. Great voice. Imagine Scott Caan but man-sized.

Ideal Pairing: Hauser is often a villain but he’s surprisingly versatile. He’s great for the world of comic book movies and would be a terrific fit for 100 Bullets or any one of the variety hard crime and espionage books out there. He’s not a spandex type but what a Punisher he could have been. Bottom line is that he can play hard men like few others.

If CHUD Had a Say: Mr. Shepherd in 100 Bullets.

Likelihood: 80%. He needs the work and isn’t a fancypants.

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