The power I wield over Steven Spielberg is downright spooky. You may remember a week or so ago that he finally agreed with me and pulled out of his role with the Chinese Olympics. Now he’s looked upon my passionate editorializing re: his involvement with the film The Trial of the Chicago 7 and realized that I was right; I can confirm Collider’s story that Spielberg has dropped the film with sources of my own.

It’s a sudden decision, it seems. Yesterday Brett Morgen, the director of Chicago 10, the documentary upon which The Trial of the Chicago 7 would be based, told me he had just talked to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin about the film. But now Spielberg has closed down the offices for the movie and halted work. My source says that he’s not happy with the script and casting isn’t going as planned. It’s hard to say if this film is dead or if he just doesn’t think he can get everybody he wants before the threat of the SAG strike starts to make everything really ugly. Or maybe it’s that the end of the WGA strike means that he can get back to working on his Lincoln biopic. Whatever the case may be, The Trial of the Chicago 7 will almost certainly not be his next film.

What happens with The Trial of the Chicago 7? Steve, I know you’re reading this and waiting to make your next decision based on what I tell you to do. Drop me an email, I’ll come by the Amblin offices and take you by the hand.