The last Final Destination movie was such a shitpile, I find it hard to muster any excitement for any subsequent installments. That said, I’m a David Ellis apologist and a huge fan of when teenagers are mutilated for the sake of onscreen entertainment. Final Destination 2 is the Citizen Kane of the Scattered and Smothered Teen genre and the first one’s kind of fun… so I’ll pony up warily to a fourth even though I know that unless it’s a remake of Salo I’m going to be disappointed.

New cast members [per Variety] ]have been added for this 3-D film [because if you really want to suck, why not suck in an extra dimension?], upgrading my excitement level from heinously bemused to significantly disinterested. Behold, The Big Chill talent precog of the 00’s:

Bobby Campo! Hayley Webb! Shantel VanSanten! Andy Fiscella! Nick Zano!

Krista Allen brings her angular sweet meatness to the proceedings too, threatening to raise my excitement level to tragically indifferent.

Rebuttal / Addition from Russ:

Yesterday I spent over an hour talking with the three stars of The Signal (look for the interview as soon as I can finish transcribing this beast!) and one of them, Justin Welborn, is also in Final Destination 4.

His character? THE RACIST.

I won’t spoil his death, but what he told me sounded like terrifically appropriate fun. Welborn’s enthusiasm for the gig was infectious, and even though I’m wary after the last one, I’m just a little bit more excited now.