Rockstar! Enough already! We give up. You know we’re all going to buy GTA:IV, so stop teasing us. Please. It’s making the wait even more excruciating.

Case in point, these two just-released trailers. The first features one of the goombah characters in the game, the second, an energy-conscious car. Both feature the humor that made the series so incredible in the first place, and some of the new mechanics you’ll see (ahh, busting out windows.)


As for me, I’m still geeking out over the fact that a great bar in my neighborhood is being recreated in digital form (as the “Steinway Beer Garden”). I’m just hoping that I can go in there and slaughter all the goddamn Manhattenites that have been started to ruin the place over the last couple of years. Yeah, it’d be nice to chuck a few grenades in there and watch them scream and run.

Uh, in the game, of course…

Make sure to check out GTA:IV‘s site here, and then start marking off days on your calendar till April 29th with X’s.