Rightwing Surrender Monkeys

God, how much cognitive dissonance can the right bear? Last week, al Qaeda endorsed John McCain, and now… now… the Bush administration is waving a white flag of surrender and appeasing the Taliban! Say it ain’t so, George…

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that the Bush administration, with General Petraeus’s support, plans to talk to elements of the Taliban, the group, you’ll remember, that used to shelter al Qaeda. But I’m confused… isn’t talking to your enemies appeasement and waving a white flag of surrender and all that?

Repeat after me:

When terrorists endorse Obama, it means they want Obama to win. When terrorists endorse McCain, it means they want Obama to win.

When Obama proposes incursions into Pakistan in pursuit of al Qaeda, it’s naive and dangerous. When the Bush administration actually carries out such a policy, it’s sending a tough message.

When Democrats propose talking to our enemies, it’s waving a white flag of surrender and appeasement. When Republicans talk to our enemies, it’s tactical.

Got that?

When a political movement is at home in the face of such massive hypocrisy, it has lost touch not just touch with its principles, but with reality, as well.

Define irony: the party of small government presides over a half-trillion dollar deficit and a ten trillion dollar national debt. For this state of affairs the party of personal responsibility blames everyone but itself. And the selfsame party’s hacks then write books with titles like “Liberalism is a Mental Disease.”

If I put these characters in a novel, no one would believe they were real.