Spartan Assault #1

In the wake of what might be called a…mixed response to its Xbox One launch presentation, Microsoft could probably stand to score a few points with gamers, and throwing around the Fable and Halo name are usually a good way to do it, even if we aren’t talking new blockbuster releases.

Fable Anniversary #1

Instead gamers will be getting an HD-ified take on Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion in the form of Fable Anniversary, coming to 360 for holidays. According to Joystiq, in addition to visual and mechanical upgrades, the game will also include new leaderboards for a variety of activities, and most importantly for this next transition, SmartGlass integration.

Speaking of SmartGlass, Windows 8 tablet and phone users have something to look forward to as the latest entry in the Halo series, Halo: Spartan Assault, will be exclusive to that OS. Eschewing the first-person perspective in favor of top-down run and gun action, Spartan Assault actually looks pretty impressive, and represents a welcome (if belated and sort of sideways) return to the PC for Microsoft. The game drops in July, and while there hasn’t been any word on a potential 360 release, we wouldn’t be shocked if the game ends up ported at some point down the line because, you know, $$$.

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