There was a minute there where the music genre was returning to its dance game-infested roots, with no hope ofreturning. Harmonix, never ones to let the music die, wasn’t having that noise, and instead, have teamed up with Disney for what is officially the first XBox One title to get my full, undivided attention.

The game is Fantasia: Music Evolved. Now, there’s going to be a fair few folks with visions in their heads of either A: An HD remake of that kick ass Genesis game, much like they’re doing with Castle of Illusion, or B: a classical music game with you playing Leopold Stokowski. The correct answer is closer to B, but still doesn’t quite cover it. The game described in an early preview from Polygon sounds closer to a non-shooter Child of Eden than anything else, and the trailer below kinda backs up that theory. Yes, that means a likely complete lack of classical music, instead trading up to a slate with Bruno Mars, fun., and a bunch of other acts I’ve never heard of but probably made a 15 year old squeal somewhere. Having said that, anyone who’s followed Harmonix long enough knows damn well that even the most awful musical shit imaginable has a magic to it that they’re able to tap into. God help you if the imagery evoked in that preview, of bringing the music to a lifeless ocean, and having the sea animals sing Bohemian Rhapsody didn’t bring a smile to your face.

Harmonix pretty much single-handedly justified the Kinect the first few months after it launched, and at this point, is definitely the single justification for having one now. They may have just done the same thing for the next gen version.

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