It begins.

The start of the big show itself is technically 4 days away, but today marks the beginning of the great gaming flood of 2013, with Konami holding a tiny presser at 10 am Pacific today which you can catch here to talk about their upcoming slate and announce who’s playing Snake in MGS 5 for millions of rabid fans who will generously pretend to be surprised when it’s David Hayter.

June 10th is when the real show kicks in, with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all trotting off to the merry old land of Oz singing If I Only Had Some Games. With G4 now gone the way of the DuMont Network, Spike¬† TV is now the official host for the festivities, using their GameTrailers hook up to set up live-streams of each of the Big Three conferences along with UbiSoft’s/EA’s shows, and Nintendo’s whateveryouwannacallit Tuesday (though theirs will be online only), with all-access programming including interviews, demos, exclusive footage and like. The Microsoft and EA coverage will actually be aired on Spike as well, for obvious reasons. All of the coverage will be available from GameTrailers.com and the GameTrailers apps on XBox Live and and iOS.¬† The simple schedule for that Monday, I’ll have listed below, the full schedule for All-Access is listed here, which will get updated as more info about the week becomes available. Anyone not wishing to give DudebroTV their viewership, Gamespot, as usual, will have the hookup, and Nintendo, of course, will have a special Nintendo Direct for their coverage. We’ll obviously be linking to the shows as they happen.

As for us? Same as last year, we’ll be covering the Monday conferences with liveblogs, then we’ll try and shove as much trailer, news, shakycam video, and overheard ramblings down you as your gag reflex can stand. Different from last year is the fact that I’ll be physically in LA all week for the show. I’ll actually be in the audience for a few of the Monday pressers, and will be running around the convention center writing like a mad man, snapping random pics and video, and sprinting my black ass off to make the two dozen appointments I’ve set for the week, along with a few cool after-show activities. There will be thrills. There will be spills. There will be a stick of deodorant with me at all times, promise. All this will be chronicled in a consistently bumped, updated, and timestamped article each day of the show. Anything that’s worth my valuable time there, hopefully will be worth yours.

E3 is nigh. We are ready. The internet is ready. Reggie’s body is ready. See you next week, folks.

6/10 (all times Pacific)


Nintendo Direct–7am

Show Hours

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