(Beware of spoilers in the talk backs.)

The CHUD staff got a peek at these very cool one-sheets for The Ruins a week ago, and, y’know, I came very close to posting them.  But then that little Nico Toscani on my shoulder reminded me that no one is above the law, so I did the honorable thing and killed Henry Silva.

I also decided against running the pictures, and I’m glad I did because I would’ve been pissing all over exclusives from our summer camp blood brothers at ShockTillYouDrop and JoBlo (click those links for the high res shit), which were intended to coincide with the premiere of a red-band trailer at the film’s official site that… ain’t up as of 11:45 AM PST (and, by the way, the tone struck by the official site seems more in keeping with a Jaws sequel than a horror movie about killer vines).  If I sound impatient, it’s because I’ve heard that Carter Smith has made a very hard R-rated horror film out of Scott Smith’s novel, and I want to see vines squirming under and bursting out of the skin of the deeply unfortunate characters.  I imagine you do, too.

So keep checking throughout the day, and, hopefully, you’ll get some nasty body horror to offset your revulsion at this: