was released on the PS2 back last September, and the unique art style and gameplay won over critics almost universally. One thing that pretty much everyone noted was that if any game was itching for a Wii port, this was it. In the game you use a paintbrush to draw figures and shapes to attack enemies and get past obstacles, and while it controlled well with an analog stick, the Wii remote seemed the perfect surrogate for a brush. While it didn’t sell well, the developers seemed to agree, and Okami is winding its way towards our little white box.

I bought the game for PS2 a few months ago (through Gamefly for something like 15 bucks), but haven’t been able to get through all of it. Still trying to get through all of last year’s huge lineup, after all. The game already looked incredible, but this version definitely looks like it’s had a touch-up. I’m not certain not if I should go back and finish it or wait for this one- it definitely looks like the definitive edition. Check out some gameplay footage below.

Okami hits March 25th for only $40 bucks- click here to purchase it through CHUD.