Dark Horizons has received this photo, surreptitiously snapped at Toy Fair in New York, that shows us what Two Face’s look will be in The Dark Knight. It turns out that half of his face is mutilated! Actually, less than half; it looks like the character’s traditional symmetry has been abandoned for yet more of the Chris Nolan ‘realism.’ After all, what are the odds that acid would burn exactly half your face (although I imagine some comic writer has already thought of this and cleverly retconned it so that, after the acid scarring drove him mad, Harvey Dent fucked up the remaining good skin on his burned side so as to be symmetrical).

This is one of those stories that makes me feel so distant from you, Internet Fandom, since I know many people will be excited about this and I can’t muster up much enthusiasm at all. The only thing I feel is vaguely disappointed that Nolan didn’t fix the mistake of Batman Forever by having the burned half of Harvey Dent’s face played by Billy Dee Williams.

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