The new trailer for the upcoming Hugh Jackman / Jake Gyllenhaal thriller, Prisoners, from Alcon Entertainment, is out on YouTube.  The film, directed by Canuck Denis Villeneuve, centers on two little girls who go missing and the lengths that one of their fathers, Keller Dover (Jackman), will go to in order to beat the truth out of the only suspect (Paul Dano), after the police have to release him for lack of evidence.  Jake Gyllenhaal plays – and no I’m not kidding – Detective Loki.  Terence Howard’s character isn’t named, but wouldn’t it be a lark if he were Mr. Heimdall?

The story comes from Aaron Guzikowski’s (Contraband) Black List script and an apt logline might be something like Gone Baby Gone meets Ransom by way of Death and the Maiden.  The cast is further stacked with Maria Bello and Viola Davis, who play Jackman’s and Howard’s wives respectively and mothers of the two girls, as well as Melissa Leo.  Oh, and some kind of maze thing happens.  Prisoners premieres on September 30th.