A couple of hours ago Variety annouced that Black Eyed Pea will.i.am will be appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but they didn’t say who he would be playing. IESB claims to have the scoop, and this should shake the film community to the very core: he’s playing John Wraith.

Yeah, I have no clue either. Wikipiedia tells me that John Wraith is a teleporting mutant also known by the truly lame superhero name Kestrel and that he was a part of Team X, some spy group that Wolverine belonged to. Click here if you
really want all the deetz of Kestrel’s life. I especially liked this paragraph:

Years later, John had tracked Wolverine and the rest of his old
teammates down because it seemed that there was a problem with the age
suppression factors given to them by Weapon X, as one of their number, Mastodon,
had suddenly aged quite rapidly and been reduced into a pile of ooze.
With their help, John discovered a list of termination candidates from
the Weapon X project. They recognize themselves on the list plus a man
named Aldo Ferro, who they know is a big time mafia chief, Il Topo
Siciliano. They track Ferro to his secluded island where they discover
Maverick guarding him. Maverick soon changes sides when Ferro, a.ka. Psi-Borg,
reveals that he was the one who used his psi-powers to speed the false
memory implantation of the Weapon X subjects. After this fiasco, John
hung out with Wolverine for a month or two, but then vanished.

Think about it: the target audience of these books are men my age. Incredible. A mob boss named Psi-Borg. David Chase is flogging himself for not coming up with that.