Let me set the scene for you…the lights are dim.  We see silhouettes of two figures in hooded jumpsuits.  The music starts to play, “Dunt dunt, dunt, dunt”.  Eminem starts singing about how his palms are sweaty and his mom’s spaghetti.  The silhouetted competitors begin to stretch their arms and jump up and down.  Two emerge from the shadows and stare each other down, one dawning crimson, the other blue.  Each with their own crowd behind them rumbling, talking “smack”.  They represent a rivalry that predates DaVinci, himself.  This is it.  Two teams, 32 competitors, none old enough to vote.  For some, this may be their only way out of the ghetto aside from sports, academics, music, selling their 10 thousand dollar rims, or pawning off their jewelry to afford a plane ticket.  The lights flash on and a young Latino girl in hot pants indicates that it’s go time.  Several boys leap into back flips, one arm extended, drawing on dry erase boards, mid-air.  All perfect circles except one.  The crowd yells “DNC, DNC!”  “Did not circle, fool!”  One young man walks away shamed, the others boasting.  A new group steps up, even numbers of reds and blues and the next round begins.  From the makers of Step Up, Bring It, Bring It On, Bring It Back, and every other dancing, cheerleading, street racing, or other high school competition based movie you never saw, this is Competitive Freestyle Circle Drawing.  These kids get around in more way than one and they’re coming to a theatre near you.  Don’t be a square; watch the illest movie about the hottest new craze sweeping the nation.  Circle Jerks, 4-12-08, starring that pregnant chick from the Disney channel, that other girl from the Disney channel who’s dad is a country singer, and half the cast of One Tree Hill.  Don’t miss it.