I reported months ago that Jim Jarmusch had been given the go-ahead for film number eleven by Focus; at the time all we knew was the title (The Limits of Control) and leading man, Isaach De Bankole.

We’ve got new details, thanks to the Hollywood Reporter. Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton and Gael Garcia Bernal have joined the cast. Isaach De Bankole is great and all, but things now look a lot more interesting. Especially thanks to Tilda Swinton; I’m praying that she’s got a role to match what she destroyed in Michael Clayton.

What we knew before was that De Bankole played a guy who had to unexpectedly travel to Spain for a job. We can expand that now into “The movie centers on a mysterious loner as he attempts to complete a criminal job.” De Bankole is the loner; we don’t know yet what roles Murray, Swinton and Bernal are filling out.