What a weird day!

It all started with word that Nicolas Winding Refn might be up for the next Bond directing gig, which led to other sources letting loose what they knew, specifically that the list was about five guys deep and includes Refn, Tom Hooper, Ang Lee, David Yates, and Shane Black.

Well Deadline says, “fuck all that,” and reports that distance from Bond has made Skyfall director’s heart grow fonder of the super spy and is in active talks to return to the franchise. What changed? Apparently EON is willing to wait to start on Bond 25 until next year until Mendes’ theatre¬†commitments¬†are complete, and either a change of heart or change of zeroes on the check have convinced the director he can tackle another $200m production.

Mike Fleming sounds pretty confident that only formalities remain and that the short-list reported on today is a “moot point.”

I’m pleased- Mendes directed the shit out of Skyfall, and now I don’t have to hear a bunch of “dutch angle Bond” jokes over the next week. That said, maybe he could work on getting a script with all of its shit together this time?