If you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, you’re in luck: you live in the only two places of any value in the United States (stop gloating, Europe. We know you’re better – New York has started taking your money in its stores). And this Sunday you have cool, CHUD-approved movie opportunities. Let’s start with my hometown, the Big Apple:

New Yorkers, head to Forbidden Planet (840 Broadway) on Sunday between 1-2 and get a free copy of the poster for The Signal signed by the film’s three (count ‘em) directors. While you’re there find out how you can get tickets to a FREE showing of the movie on Monday night at the Sunshine Landmark (143 E Houston Street) at 7pm. The Signal is a fucking terrific movie, and it’s very unique, often bloody and smarter than your average bear. Look for my interview with the directors and my review this week.

Los Angelenos, you will find me safely ensconced at the New Beverly Cinema (7165 West Beverly Blvd, one block west of La Brea) Sunday night, soaking in the first double feature of the Greats of Roth film festival. Eli Roth is curating his own fest at  LA’s finest rep theater, and his opening night is a fucking doozy: Torso (1973) and Pieces (1982). Both are super gory bits of fun nastiness, and Pieces is one of the great lost movies of my childhood – I saw it on VHS as a young man and it left an indelible impression, but I have not seen it since I graduated high school. Pieces has two of my favorite taglines: ‘It’s exactly what you think it is’ and ‘You don’t have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre.’ Awesome! Look for me to be oohing and ahhing and laughing throughout the whole running time.