We used to think that we knew who was playing Young Stryker (the prequel version of Brian Cox’s character from X-Men 2) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but then CHUD revealed to you that Liev “hated by spellcheck” Schreiber would in fact be playing young Tyler Mane, ie Sabretooth. Now that gap has been filled, as JoBlo has learned that Danny Huston, most hilariously seen in the company of Downs Syndrome Vampire in 30 Days of Night, where he was the vampire leader and uttered the quote of 2007: ‘God? No God!’

Huston’s actually a terrific actor when he’s not being forced to run around with 50s hair and his mouth all agape for a motion picture’s entire running time, and his addition to the cast reinforces what looks like an astonishing amount of talent on a Fox franchise film. Tom Rothman must have been out sick these days, unable to veto any hiring that looked actually good.

Meanwhile, IESB claims that the role of Silver Fox has not gone to front runner Michelle Monaghan but rather to relative unknown Lynn Collins*. And Film School Rejects has reported that a guy was seen on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine suiting up into a big rubber fat suit. Thank god The Blob finally makes his film debut.

*Would smash