Earlier this week it was revealed that Sam Worthington (the one without wings) would be starring in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins Immediately After These Words From Our Sponsors At Westinghouse, and as a character named Marcus, natch. I say natch because months ago I told you motherfarkers that the main character in Terminator 4 would be a dude named Marcus.

After that news was announced, one of my T4 scoopers got in touch with me with a very simple question: Who will Josh Brolin play in the film? Now, Brolin’s not signed or anything, but as you know McG mentioned him as a bit of dream casting. The problem, according to my scooper, is that there is no other role that Brolin could play in the script. Worthington’s deal has been in the making for some time – months, really – so while the guy could have played Marcus, it seems that McG would have already been planning on Worthington when he made those comments.

This leaves a few options, as I see it:

a) the script is being rewritten. Now that the strike is over, McG et al have more flexibility to tinker with their script, which could mean that a new character, ideal for Brolin, is being added to the film. This could explain why everybody involved in the movie keeps on saying that John Connor will have a big role when he in fact does not. My guess would be that if there are big changes to the script they would include giving Connor more screentime and adding another Terminator, which would be Brolin’s role.

b) Brolin would be playing a role for which he is unsuited, or which is going to be bigger in the sequel. This is the Christian Bale theory, wherein the actor is taking a small role in the first film that will be fleshed out in films two and three (possibly Reese?). Alternately, he could just be playing someone nobody thought would be a Brolin character; two of my scoopers thought that the Brolin talk was about the actor taking what they had heard was Worthington’s role. Which sort of leads to c…

c) McG brought up other actors names just to play mindgames during Worthington’s negotiation. But since my understanding was that the deal was a long time in the coming and that scheduling was the issue and not any kind of money stuff, I don’t think that would make sense. And I sort of don’t think McG is the kind of guy who has the guile to do that.

So what role would McG fantasy casting star Josh Brolin play in T4? Beats me.